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20 Grams Story

Love for Local Flavors, Communities, and People

We believe coffee is a bridge that connects people. Our philosophy revolves around fostering community spirit in everything we do. We source exceptional beans through partnerships with local coffee suppliers in each country. This ensures fresh, unique flavors while building relationships based on mutual respect and shared values. Our commitment extends beyond sourcing; we invest in the economic well-being of the communities that fuel our passion.

Rooted Locally, Expressed Globally

When welcoming new members to our cafes, we turn to the local community. Our staff becomes ambassadors, embodying the soul of each location. They curate welcoming environments and ensure our offerings reflect the community's spirit. This deepens our connection and strengthens the bond we share with those we serve.

Sustainability, A Shared Responsibility

We believe caring for the planet is inseparable from caring for our communities. We use recyclable materials and energy-efficient methods, ensuring a vibrant future for our generations and the environments where our communities thrive.

People at the Heart of Everything

From store design to innovative products, people are at the core. We strive for excellence in everything we do, delivering exceptional coffee experiences that resonate with your tastes and needs while making a positive impact on your surroundings. Join us in brewing a world of connection.